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For those of you new to Care Through Action (CTA), we believe in the power of images and the power of hope.  Though we work in critical areas suffering from severe human rights abuses, we support and empower the survivors who struggle to continue their lives despite the conditions.  Through inspiring documentary photography, we connect people to the faces and stories of strong survivors, and provide a way to help.

I founded CTA in 2007, with an amazing group of supporters*, after spending almost two months in Eastern Chad and Darfur.  When I traveled to Darfur, I expected to find the images I had seen in the news, black and white, starving people, crawling across the sand.  Yet, when I arrived, I found something different, women, children and men, living in full color, with hope and dignity.  I was inspired by the strength of the Darfuri refugees and felt a tremendous responsibility to tell the other side of the story.

A story of life.  A story of hope.  A story of men, women and children wanting to get back to their villages and a way that we could help them survive until they were able to do so.  Within months of CTA being founded, we held three fundraising exhibitions and raised over $25,000.  People were listening.

We decided to channel this money to the World Food Program, and this is important.  We are not trying to be a humanitarian aid organization.  In my view, there are already too many NGOs out there, competing over resources and  reinventing the wheel.  Some of them have decades of experience and work incredibly efficiently and effectively in various regions of the world, others do not.  Part of my job is to spend time with these organizations while I am in the field, and based on my experience determine with whom CTA wants to partner.

In Darfur, we chose the World Food Program because the refugees there simply have no other means of feeding themselves.  And as much as eduction is valuable, a child who is starving cannot learn…..


*Thank you to Diana Britt, Gina Pell, Claudia Ross and Amy Parker for your support and belief in my work and my mission!

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