HEAL Africa’s Lyn Lusi wins the $1million OPUS Prize

Care Through Action’s partner in the Congo – HEAL Africa has been awarded a $1million prize for their work helping women and children rebuild their lives.

Lyn Lusi, co-founder and director of HEAL, was honored for her work in the DRC.

“She came to the Congo (formerly Zaire) from England in 1971 as a teacher with the Baptist Missionary Society. In 1974, she fell in love and married a Congolese physician, Dr. Kasereka M. “Jo” Lusi, and worked in school and hospital administration in Congo for the next 19 years.  After earning her master’s degree in Human Resource Development and Training, Lyn and Dr. Jo founded HEAL Africa, bringing her formidable administrative, program and people skills to the survivors of violence and rape in the DRC.  In 2002, when a volcano destroyed the original hospital, the couple rebuilt HEAL Africa’s medical facility one wing at a time.

HEAL Africa medical staff provide maternal care, treat individuals with HIV/AIDS, specialize in orthopedic surgery for children with club feet, but are probably best known for fistula repair for women.  The hospital also trains doctors and nurses in various specialties.  The hospital is one of only three referral hospitals in all of Congo, and comprises 20 percent of the work of HEAL Africa; 80 percent of the organization’s efforts are focused in communities throughout the North Kivu and Maniema provinces.”



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