Exposing Hope in the Congo

I just returned from an eye-opening trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo. I visited Exposing Hope’s four safe houses and met with the women and our partner HEAL Africa; and with the increase in violence, also reported on the situation of displaced Congolese in Rwanda and in and around Goma. The impact of this violence has been devastating to the region, and the women and children suffer most.

Some of the women I met with were safe at the houses, others had been displaced, but all shared stories of what impact Exposing Hope’s houses have made in their lives, the lives of their children and their community. Having a place to go to meet other women with the same challenges, learning to overcome obstacles and take away practical skills gives them hope and makes me realize how important our efforts are in each women’s lives.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the continuing violence in the DRC, and the sad, systematic use of rape as a strategy of war. With the help of the efforts of the Exposing Hope’s funding, over 200 women have significantly changed the course of their life and the lives of their children.

Tuesday October 23rd
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I am inviting you to make a difference for the women and girls of the Congo who have been victimized, ostracized by their communities and are desperate for a helping hand. Please join me for an exhibition of my images from the DRC in San Francisco and in making a financial contribution to help these women. Even a small donation will make a difference. Attending this event, you will learn how even a small donation that goes directly in the hands of the local communities can make a life changing difference. Through photos and awareness, you will learn more about the issues and how you can help.

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    The rape of women is going on in the Congo at such an unimaginable scale […]. [It] runs so cotnrary to the progressive theory of history […]. ( from the log entry)No, it doesn’t: the degenerates who style themselves “The Progressives” do not distinguish Negro-on-Negro rape as a race problem (which of course it is and would indeed run cotnrary to so-called “progressive” theory if they admitted it) but view it as an “oppression of women by the Patriarchy” problem, vindicating their theories in their eyes. Furthermore, as they see things, Negro men have had white male Patriarchy imposed on them via colonialism so are victims of evil white males, even as they rape Negro women: it’s not their fault, not the fault of Negro Patriarchy, but the white Patriarchy’s fault: ergo, Negro rapists innocent victims of white males. So much for Negro-on-Negro rape. As for Negro-on-white rape, they see that as both 1) the result of the imposition of white men’s Patriarchy on Negroes, absolving Negroes of all guilt (white males guilty, Negroes innocent), and 2) the oppressed’s justified pay-back to whitey for slavery, colonialism, Jim Crow, and ongoing institutional racism. So, nothing about what’s going on in the Congo is cotnrary to their theory of history. Everything going on there vindicates their theory.