Giving Thanks

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Welcome to Exposing Hope’s new e-newsletter! In this month of Thanksgiving, we are sending our deepest gratitude to all of our supporters, volunteers, friends and family who have made Exposing Hope possible.In this year alone, we have served over 2,000 survivors of sexual violence in Eastern Congo in the past two years. Your donations have purchased land and constructed safe houses in the villages of Alimbongo, Nyamilima and Pinga; trained over 1,000 women in literacy, sewing, bread-making, basket-weaving, animal husbandry, and money management and savings; and funded three rotating credit funds of $8,000 empowering the women with credit needed to start their own small businesses. We have also recently begun teaching the women about repayment with interest, our goal being self-sufficient houses (the interest payment paying the salaries of the guardian and counselors) within two years.

We’d love for you to consider supporting our programs in the Congo and this month we’re asking that each of you share our newsletter with five of your friends. Please help us spread the word! If you’d like to contribute to our work, you can do so here. Happy Thanksgiving!


Be There: The Congo

Thanks to all who attended Exposing Hope’s debut photography exhibition in San Francisco!  The event was a great success with over 100 people donating almost $10,000 for our safe house in the remote and vulnerable area of Pinga. The funds will be used for literacy and sewing classes for survivors of violence in the area. Thank you!


Opportunity Collaboration In September, our founder, Alissa Everett, was honored as a Cordes Fellow at the Opportunity Collaboration where she spent four inspiring days at a problem-solving, strategic retreat for nonprofit leaders, for-profit social entrepreneurs, grant-makers and social investors.


“Behind the Images”

We’ve been hearing from many of you that you’d like to hear the story behind our images and we’re responding. This is the first edition of a new monthly audio series featuring the work of our founder Alissa Everett.  See below for her stories from the field and behind the photos.




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