about us

Exposing Hope puts a spotlight on human rights abuses through dramatic images, inspiring viewers to support carefully selected non-profits working with the surviving populations.

Our Mission

Exposing Hope is changing the world’s understanding of human rights violations to inspire involvement and action. We build awareness of under-reported issues through the power of images and inspirational stories from the front lines. Finding the dignity and humanity in situations of violence, we spotlight the human capacity for healing and hope; and connect individuals with tangible and powerful ways to create lasting solutions at the local level.

Vision of success

We envision a global, informed community where the human rights of every individual are protected, connected by images and stories of hope and dignity that nurture the spirit and create empathy for one another.

Our Goals

– To raise awareness of global issues underreported in traditional media through documentary photography
– To connect individuals and donors with a portfolio of carefully selected organizations working on the frontlines of human rights abuses to empower and women and children.

What We Do

– We bring light to human rights violations affecting women and children in Africa today.
– We use moving images of human experience, suffering and hope to educate people about the problems at hand and inspire them to act.
– We provide people with solutions that strengthen local communities in affected areas through our network of local non-profit organizations.