about us

Exposing Hope began with the notion that each and every one of us can contribute to make a difference at a global level. We operate as an umbrella organization supporting a select group of non-profit organizations with distinct areas of focus, many of which have limited awareness, yet provide tremendous value to the people they serve.

Exposing HopeĀ provides donors with a carefully researched portfolio of organizations working in the field to tackle issues facing women and children. We take on a new cause each two years, and work closely with two to three chosen organizations to raise awareness to the issue as well as provide funding that makes a tangible impact.

Our goal is to build Exposing HopeĀ into a prominent organization that provides donors with a thoroughly researched portfolio of high quality non-profit organizations providing assistance and care for female and child victims of human rights abuses worldwide. We will initially target audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York, moving nationally, raising awareness of global issues, increasing funding to our recipients, expanding our donor support, and expanding our capabilities for mission trips and direct aid projects.