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Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, 285,000 people were displaced in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Sadly, several women in our safehouse program suffered greatly.

The rebel group M23, which has been found guilty of “summary executions, rapes, and forced recruitment,” took over the city of Goma and displaced thousands. As a result, children are orphaned or separated from their families.  Many are now homeless and vulnerable to disease, sexual violence, and forced military enlistment.

Words from Goma:

“We hid in our homes for three days with the sounds of gunfire and bombs. It was terrifying. The staff at the hospital and emergency room couldn’t reach their families or find food to eat. There was no running water or electricity, no open schools or stores. The fighting was very close to our houses in Ndosho and Buhimba and the women there have been terribly traumatized. For them, the greatest gift would be occupation.  Sewing, weaving baskets and gardening gives them income and hope. We also have urgent needs to help the women of Kibumba and Rutshuru who are displaced and in the camps.”


This Holiday Season, Exposing Hope has one thing on our wish list: to help families in the DRC find shelter, food and safety.

In the month of December, our goal is to raise $8,000 for our Safehouse Project. These safehouses will provide hundreds of women with counseling, medical referrals and essential materials to help them rebuild their lives.

But we can’t do it alone; we need your help. Please go to our Crowdrise campaign to make a donation today!

By registering and donating you are directly supporting Congolese women and children. An added bonus of donating now is a prize being offered by Firefox, who is donating $100,000 to charities that raise the most money before Jan 10, 1st place wins $50,000 (second place $30k, third place $20k).  The Firefox Challenge ends at 11:59:59 PM Eastern on January 10, 2013.

Thank you and very Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Alissa Everett

Executive Director
Exposing Hope


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Congo Emergency Appeal

Recent fighting and budget cuts in Goma, a city in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, have left many rape victims without access to life-saving medical care. Please join our emergency fundraising campaign by making a gift of $50 or more.

Help us give as much aid as we can to these women by asking everyone in your community to show their support. Our goal is to raise $7,500 to provide invaluable post-exposure medical care to recent victims of sexual violence in Goma.

Please make a special gift at this crucial time


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$11k Raised!

Thanks to all who supported CTA’s “Send your love to the Congo” event in San Francisco. It was a special evening with beautiful images and over 80 old and new friends of CTA. CTA raised over $11,000 for our safe house program in eastern Congo. The money will be spent installing new sewing machines and a rotating credit fund at our newest house in Alimbongo. Stay tuned for news from the field!

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Send Your Love to the Congo!

This Valentine’s, send some love to women in the Congo!

You’ve seen the news and read the stories of the terrible war and devastation in the DRC. Now it’s time to make a difference. This Valentine’s Day, February 15th, join us in San Francisco in solidarity with Congolese women to inspire hope and improve lives.


Join us for a memorable night!

Feb. 15th, 2012

7-10pm or whenever you stop dancing!

DOSA Restaurant on Fillmore, San Francisco

Tickets are $150 for dinner, wine, music and photography  We hope to see you there!

Click here to view the full invitation.

We hope to see you there!

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Help a woman help herself – give $20 in December!

Many hands make light work.

Give just $20 this December to help change a woman’s life in the Congo

Read about us in the Huffington Post
“Charities that stretch your dollar most”

$20 will keep a safe house open for a day
$60 pays a counselor’s salary for a month
$80 provides 1 woman a 6-month sewing training
$110 gives a micro-loan & teaches her how to manage it
$360 teaches 30 women how to bake & sell bread

This December, help a woman in the DRC like Evangeline change her life…

At 16 years old, Evangeline was  kidnapped by a group of FDLR militia and kept as a sex slave for over two months in the forest.  When she tried to escape, she was shot in the leg and returned to captivity with no medical care.

Her leg became quickly infected.  As gangrene set in, she was sure she would die.  Then one of the soldiers took pity on her and drove her in the dark of night to a village, leaving her there in hopes that someone would find her before she succumbed to infection. The villagers who found her got her to a hospital where her leg had to be amputated at the hip.

Evangeline arrived at the Care Through Action safe house in Nyamilima a broken spirit.  “I was so sad. I didn’t want to live anymore,” she says, “but the women of the house helped me.”  She was greeted by a group of women who had survived similar attacks, and supported her during her recovery. While learning to walk on a prothetic leg, Evangeline also learned how to sew, and with a micro-loan, she started her own sewing business.

Evangeline now walks confidently with a smile and helps new women who come to the house.  With the emotional, physical and financial support of Care Through Action and her new-found sisters at Nyamilima, Evangeline is rebuilding her life.

This is what we do, these are the stories of hope that keep all of us at Care Through Action going, and we need your help.

This December, please donate just $20 to help support our efforts in bringing hope to the women of the Congo.

The Challenge:  Everyone donate just $20 in December 2011 and have a friend to do the same

The Goal:
• Provide equipment and rotating credit funds for small business projects (sewing, bread making, basket-weaving) in 25 safe houses
• Provide small business and leadership training in each of the 31 safe houses to help them become self-sustaining within 3-5 years.
• Sustain the current facilities in eastern Congo

Our target of $10,000 won’t accomplish all of these goals in their entirety, but it will be a significant and meaningful start.  If donations are secured from our strong existing following and from new supporters found by you, we have the potential to far exceed this fundraising goal.  As always, 100% of the funds raised will go directly to CTA’s partners in the DRC to build and equip safe house and provide microloans.

This holiday season give a gift of hope…

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Upcoming talks in July

This July, Alissa will be speaking at both the Jefferson School of Population Health’s summer Global Health Academy as well as the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing. Her talk will center on the work being done on the ground in the Congo with Care Through Action’s partner organizations. Sharing stories and images from her experiences with the women and children in the Congo, Alissa will spread CTA’s message of hope to the students at these great programs.

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