Exposing Hope provides donors with a carefully researched portfolio of organizations tackling issues facing women and children. We take on a new cause every three years, and work closely with our chosen organizations to raise awareness to the issue, as well as provide funding that makes a tangible impact.

The organizations we are currently supporting are:

HEAL Africa logo

HEAL Africa

Providing holistic care including physical, spiritual and social healing for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo; training for health professionals; support to strengthen communities; encouragement for women in community leadership roles; and support for education and vocational training.

WFP logo

World Food Programme

WFP is the world’s largest organization fighting hunger worldwide and is funded entirely through voluntary donations.

    WFP works to:

  • Use food aid to support economic and social development
  • Meet refugee and other emergency food needs, and the associated logistics support; and
  • Promote world food security in accordance with the recommendations of the United Nations and FAO.

We at Exposing Hope look forward to adding additional charities to our portfolio. Please contact us for more details.